Aitkin ATV Ordinance Form

We are trying to encourage the county to change the ordinance to allow Class 1 ATV's on gravel and blacktop county roads.


Many other counties around Aitkin County already allow both class 1 and 2 to drive on all county roads.  


Aitkin County is like an island in which we can only drive township roads and chances are they only lead to your neighbor's house.  They do not lead us to the main ATV trails in the area.  


Down below is a form to fill-out and mail (or e-mail back to Jessica Seibert, the address on questionnaire) with your vote.  


To vote for riding on both black top and gravel county roads, mark the box that says "Oppose opening only gravel roads because paved roads should also be open". (This is the second box down on the right column.)

Only check one box on this survey!


If you have any questions, please email our club secretary, Jen at


Download, Print, & Mail (or email) the form below